All of the book-length texts listed below have been registered with the Wayne State B & N Bookstore (except for Hacking the Academy, which you can read for free in html online hereDebates in the Digital Humanities which can be found here, Digital Humanities Pedagogy, available here, Digital Rhetoric, available here, and Interdisciplining Digital Humanities, which you can read here). You are also, of course, encouraged to locate library copies or used or new copies form other sources.






Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.27.58 PM


  1. […] ENG 7065 (Writing Technologies) Writing Machines: Techne, Technology, Technologics Jeff Pruchnic Description: The formal division between logos (discourse, reason, and “true” representation) and tekhne (technical skills and objects as well as “cunning” and “wile”) in Greek Antiquity, and various attempts to realign the boundaries between these domains up to the present, will provide a broad framework for this year’s course. We will pay particular attention to rhetoric as a discipline that has been historically located somewhere between these two categories, as well as how the relationship between tekhne and logos has been engaged in contemporary critical and cultural theory about technology and its subjective, social, and political effects. A tenative list of texts is available here. […]

  2. Did anyone else pick up books yet? I was at B & N and thought I got all of them, but now reviewing the list, I can see I’m missing Badiou. Just want to check if I missed it on the shelf, or if it wasn’t there, so I can place an online order fast. Let me know if you got it at the campus B & N, and I’ll stop there tomorrow again before class. Thanks, Adrienne

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