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Space: 029 State Hall / Time: Thursdays, 6:00-8:45 PM / Instructor: Dr. Jeff Pruchnic / Office: 9407.2, 5057 Woodward (Maccabees Bldg.)  / Office Hours by appointment / Phone: 313-577-7699 (office); 814-574-0252 (mobile & text)

Course Description:
Writing Technologies 
is designed to (1) introduce students to the increased focus within English Studies on the rhetorics, politics, and aesthetics of new media and information technologies and (2) to train them in a variety of technologies and applications that are becoming increasingly common pedagogical tools in English and Writing Studies. In addition to some shorter readings, our reading list will be composed of seven book-length research monographs that interrogate or demonstrate the kind of work on and with information technology and new media and its associated vectors that takes place within English Studies and the Humanities as a whole; whenever possible the authors of these latter works will join us via videoconference to field questions about our work. Our list of required texts is available here. In addition to a mock conference presentation, course deliverables include weekly responses and an online portfolio of pedagogical work in/with new media.

Learning outcomes for ENG 7065:

  • Demonstrate analytical and critical knowledge of a representative variety of primary and secondary texts.
  • Successfully apply theoretical approaches within scholarship in the field.
  • Identify and enter into ongoing critical conversations in the field.
  • Show facility with a range of pedagogical technologies and applications.
  • Demonstrate awareness of methodological techniques relevant to digital humanities research.


  • Online Portfolio of Teaching with Technology and Digital Media (40%): Online portfolio. The major assignment for this course is an online portfolio that demonstrates your facility in teaching with technology and new media. The minimum requirements for the portfolio are 1) A statement of teaching philosophy that address the use/importance of technology in the classroom and 2) examples of at least three technology- or new media-based projects/units/activities you have (or could) integrate into teaching. You will demonstrate drafts of this portfolio for peer feedback on 11/12; final versions will be submitted for evaluation on 12/14.
  • Weekly Responses (20%): Most weeks you will compose a response to the material under review and we will begin each class by reading and discussing these responses. Each response should end with a provocative statement and/or a question that can be used as a jumping-off point for class discussion. Hard copies of this response will be due at the end of class (and will be returned, with an evaluation, during the next class session). Soft copies of these responses will also be due to the course blog with 48 hours after our course meeting. During most weeks, some students will be assigned to do informal presentations, teaching demonstrations, or to ask a guest author a question in place of the traditional response.
  • Blog post (10%): Each member of the course will compose a brief blog post about the use of technology and media in the teaching of writing for presentation on the Composition Program’s website (these posts are being moved on to our central site, but previous posts of this type can be found here). Proposals for the post will be due via email before 11:00 PM on 11/01 and final posts submitted for blog publication no later than 12/01.
  • Mock Conference Presentation (30%): We’ll spend our last two sessions conducting mock conference presentations (i.e., the presentation you would do at an academic conference relevant to our course focus–e.g., Computers & Writing or Network Detroit). Presentations should be appropriate for the audience of the conference you have chosen and can be no longer than 15 minutes; the will be delivered during our final two sessions on 12/03 and 12/10.

All participants are expected to attend every session of this course. You are also encouraged to make use of office hours either by appearing in my office in person or communicating via videoconference.

Student Disability Services
If you have a documented disability that requires accommodations, you will need to register with Student Disability Services (SDS) for coordination of your academic accommodations. The Student Disability Services (SDS) office is located at 1600 David Adamany Undergraduate Library in the Student Academic Success Services department. SDS telephone number is 313-577-1851 or 313-577-3365 (TDD only). Once you have your accommodations in place, I will be glad to meet with you privately during my office hours to discuss your special needs. Student Disability Services’ mission is to assist the university in creating an accessible community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in their educational experience at Wayne State University.

Please be aware that a delay in getting SDS accommodation letters for the current semester may hinder the availability or facilitation of those accommodations in a timely manner. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get your accommodation letters as early in the semester as possible.

Academic Dishonesty
According to me, instructors are required to report all instances of academic dishonesty and the responsibility to notify the student of alleged violations and the action being taken. Both the student and the instructor are entitled to due process in all such cases. Acts of dishonesty may lead to failure in a given course, suspension, or exclusion

The above is plagiarized from the Wayne State Policy on Academic Integrity; for more about the definition of plagiarism, consult your local library.


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