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Mid-Semester Feedback

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According to Queens’ University, “Informal written feedback can help inform your teaching and to help you critically think about how the course is progressing.” So help me get informed and critically thinking about the progression of our course by dropping some anonymous feedback as a comment to this post (it becomes anonymous when you don’t log-in with your usual name/e-mail). Please respond to the following queries:

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  • Readings & Responses Review
  • Digital Mapping

Digital Mapping Assignment Example:

Readings for Next Week:

Assignments (as assigned):

  • Write a 300-500 word response to the above readings and bring  a hard copy with you to class, or
  • Prepare an informal presentation on a classroom unit/assignment involving working with geo-locational technological/digital maps


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  • When the farthest corner of the globe has been conquered technologically and can be exploited economically; when any incident you like, in any place you like, at any time you like, becomes accessible as fast as you like…then, yes then, there still looms like a specter over all this uproar the question: what for?–where to?–and what then? –Heidegger, Introduction to Metaphysics (40)

In lieu of the usual material, stay tuned to this post for an audio recording and/or transcript of our Q & A with Premediation author Richard Grusin.

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Six Days of Foucault III: Nealon and Deleuze on (Post-)Foucauldian Power

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Gerard Fromanger's portrait, which serves as the cover art for Nealon's study of Foucault

Linked here, two pieces that put Foucault’s later work on (bio)power into focus. Deleuze’s thematization of post-disciplinary “control societies” might even beat Foucault’s writings on biopower in the shortness of length vs. range of influence contest (Deleuze’s “Postscript on Control Societies” is only 9 paragraphs long, but has launched dozens of contemporary studies of the changing shape of social power). Nealon’s “Once More with Intensity: Foucault’s History of Power Revisited” (a chapter from his Foucault Beyond Foucault) is a concise, but thorough, mapping of continuity and change in Foucault’s various writings on power over several decades; it is also one that opposes a popular reading of Foucault as abandoning his interest in power during his concentration on “ethics of the self” in his later work.

Writing Machines On Loop

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Sessions Resume on 20/10/2010 with discussion of Part III (and the “money” section of Part II) of Karatani’s Architecture as Metaphor and selections from Kwinter’s Far From Equilibrium.

Quentin Meillassoux’s *After Finitude*…

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…starts to appear as if it (rather than work of Latour) is the central subject (get it?) of Prince of Networks towards the end of that text. Read it here (embedded beneath the cut).

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Bonus Moment of Zen for Harmon/Latour

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Fugazi’s “Furniture”

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Post-Vital Evolution

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Stiegler’s adaptation/extension of Leroi-Gourhan’s theory of “techne-evolution” does a tremendous amount of work in emphasizing the ways that genealogies of subjectivity and literacy often occlude the role of technics in evolution “prior” to that of (human) history or of the (hominid) human “itself.” However, as we discovered in class last week, it might be a little vague as to the role of technics in whatever we might call “evolution” (or what takes over the role of traditional, “biological” evolution) today. After the cut, a few images to work though in class towards a preliminary hypothesis concerning what we might call “post-vital evolution.”

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A Supplement to Stiegler III: “The Invention of the Human”

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Still feel like you’ve watched the sequel without having seen the original? Check out “The Invention of the Human,” a pivotal chapter from the first volume of Technics and Time, for the when and the why of the What and the Who (embedded below the cut).

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