Demonstration Derby!

In Sessions on March 26, 2014 at 5:52 pm



  • Online Portfolio/Research Project Demonstrations/Discussions

Readings for Next Week:


  • Write a 300-500 word response to the above readings and bring  a hard copy with you to class.
  1. Here is a link to my current digital portfolio. Note that it does NOT integrate a CV, syllabi, ratings, comments, or anything else – tentatively I will put that under the “Professorial” section.

    For now, I have this digital portfolio with 2 projects:

  2. Also, as mentioned: Cory Doctorow at Penguicon!

    Worth the price of admission because of Cory Doctorow, of course, but also let me just underline that Penguicon is a total rager. Tremendously fun and frequently quite wild.

  3. The address for my (still in-progress) portfolio is below. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  4. Here’s my portfolio (in-progress), and I’d also appreciate feedback, if you’ve got it!

  5. All the excitement of Sparkleponies in one convenient article!

  6. Here are my two portfolios…

    1. The new one for this class (the one whose page structure I decided I hated and ripped apart)

    2. The really bland and basic one I made a few years ago

  7. After receiving feedback from the class, I made some changes to my site. It’s still not complete, but hopefully the changes make it slightly more visually interesting and easier to read. I welcome any additional feedback.

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