Žižek on Karatani

In Background Readings on October 22, 2010 at 8:02 pm

There are several reasons you might want to read Slajov Žižek’s relatively brief (and uncharacteristically straightforward) review of Karatani’s Transcritique: On Kant and Marx (“The Parallax View“). In addition to summarizing later versions of some of Karatani’s arguments first presented in one of last week’s readings (Architecture as Metaphor), this piece also concisely presents Karatani’s defense of the Kantian “parallax” (critiqued by Harmon as “Copernicanism” and, via Meillassoux’s work, as “correlationism”), addresses the Hegel/Adorno split that is likely to drive some of our conversation next week, and contains bonus shout-outs to both Heidegger and Rotman, the authors of two earlier texts in the seminar.


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