Husserlian Mediations

In Background Readings on September 27, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Husserl has been an either passive or active presence in pretty much every text we’ve read this semester (indeed, references to Husserls’ work have appeared in every text save Jameson’s Postmodernism, and Stiegler’s work, at least, seems to presume at least some familiarity with Husserl’s central ideas).

If you find yourself disoriented by any of these references, you may want to check out Zahavi’s Husserl’s Phenomenology, a brief and handy (and well-indexed) introduction to Husserl’s major concepts that also delves into his archival materials to shed light on interpretive controversies that developed after Husserl’s death.  You can read it for free as an e-book (when logged in via your WSU library account) by following this link.


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